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Frequently Asked Questions about SoundStore

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What is the best way to use the SoundStore?

Bookmark your web browser to Select the general style of music you are looking for (Categorizing music is a necessary evil I engage in only in an attempt make it easier for you to find what you are searching for. Selections which I think fit more than one category are cross referenced.) . You are then offered either a list of musical selections or a list of more specific styles. When you reach a list of tunes, you have several options. click on the title to get a longer description of the selection including what it was originally composed for, descriptions of alternate versions available and an ordering menu. click on "play MIDI" to hear a MIDI version of the selection. The sound of this will depend on your sound card, they all sound different and it is just a quick way to check out a tune. You may have to configure a helper app to get your browser to play MIDI files. click on "play SND" . This will play a very short 8bit 25k(sample rate) sound file. again this is a compromise to try to squeeze some music down the web but gives you a better idea of what the piece actually sounds like. If you find something you like click on the title and download the complete MIDI version or send me e-mail to order a studio recording or custom edit. If you use the selection send the license fee and I will send you the legal copyright license.

How much does it cost?

The license fee is $10 per use, per selection. If you download the MIDI version that is all you owe. A studio recording is $20 and $10 for the license fee. Custom edits are $45 per hour of editing time.

What is the Copyright status of the music in SoundStore?

This music is NOT! public domain, NOT! royalty free, and NOT! freeware. It is available for you to fully review before you buy, but if you incorporate it into any film, audio, video, multimedia or other work you must get a license.Some more info about the copyright status of music files on the internet is at For complete texts of copyright laws check out my Copyright Page

How can I get MIDI and SND players for my browser?

SND files should play with NAPLAYER that comes with NETSCAPE. A MIDI add on for NETSCAPE is available at Info and files are available for Mac and OS/2

What if I find some music I like but it's a little too slow or I wish the trumpet was a violin?

You can download a MIDI file editor called Music Sculptor for Windows Here

What if I don't find the music I am looking for?

I would love to do a custom original score for you. It doesn't cost as much as you mite think. Since I always need to create new music anyway, I only charge the license fee and editing costs . You will also find links to other related music sites. I want this to be the first place you look for music even if it means you eventually go elsewhere to find it.

Where are their no cool graphics like I see on other web pages?

This is a work site. I tried to make it quick to get in and out. The music files take long enough to transfer over the internet, you won't be slowed down with graphics.

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