Sound Store Philosophy

SoundStore Philosophy

Multimedia is what we call it today ,but television, movies, even opera and Greek tragedy have been about visual images combined with sound and other elements to create a presentation that is more than the sum of its parts. Maybe even art. Visuals and dialog tell the story but music represents the emotion and deserves as much consideration as the other elements. Unfortunately deadlines, budgets, and the ever present "Murphy's Law" often restrict the options of today's audio/visual and multimedia producers. SoundStore is here to help. For over ten years I have been composing original music for productions of various types, but more and more my customers have been asking for "buy out" music on CD's. Of course I think only an original score can perfectly complement visual elements but this is not a perfect world and I do want to give my customers what they need. I have a large collection of music in a variety of styles and tho I considered putting it on CD I also thought there mite be a better way. There are a lot of good buy out collections available but it often requires a large investment and lots of searching to find just what you need. When I discovered the World Wide Web I knew that this was the place for my music library. I am placing my music library here in a form that I hope will be useful. I also hope that if the occasion arises when only an original score will do, you will give me the chance to show you what I can do. If you have any comments please E-mail me at or call at (301) 350-3181.

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