CALC online campus (GEnie online information service )
( certificate in C++ programming December 1994 )
Self taught: 6502 machine language and 68000 assembly programming, HTML
Prince Georges Community College, Largo MD
(Certificate in Microprocessor Electronics June 1984)
Areas of study: microprocessor programming and interfacing, analog and digital electronics. General computer skills BASIC programming, Motorola 6800 machine language programming
Towson State University, Towson MD
(B.A. degree in Music Theory June 1978)
Areas of study: music theory and composition, orchestration, conducting,instrumental performance in; piano, voice, 'cello and violin, college radio station, Spanish language, liberal arts
University of Maryland, Catonsville MD
(credits transferred 1977)
Areas of Study: synthesizer programming, visual music
Catonsville Community College, Catonsville MD
(A.A. degree June 1976)
Areas of Study: music theory, instrumental performance in: piano, voice, guitar, trumpet, trombone, baritone horn, college radio station, electronics, business, liberal arts
Recording Institute of America, Baltimore MD
(certificate July 1974)
Areas of Study: audio engineering, recording studio operations
Franklin High School, Reisterstown MD
(diploma June 1972)
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