Welcome to the Acronym Sense Society

    The ASS is an organization created to oppose the widespread overuse of 
acronyms ( WOA ). Acronyms evolved from a need for a highly specialized 
technical shorthand (HSTS), to spare scientists and engineers  (S&E's) 
multiple polysyllabic reiterations (MPR's). First the military, then the 
government, business, and even pop culture personalities ( PCP's) jumped 
on the bandwagon. In each specialized area (SA), people understand their 
own acronyms, but in the melting pot of a global cultural stew (GCS),
we are cooking up nothing but alphabet soup. It has gotten to the point 
that we routinely use acronyms that mean entirely different things in 
different contexts. For example, consider the following conversation 
about CD's:
"I just bought a new CD "
"Is it REM?"
"No, but it is FDIC and FSLIC , I'm going to put it in my 401K"
"Is that the new player from JVC ?"
"No BOA"
"How much did it cost you?"
" $10,000, but the APR is over 5%"
"Jeeez! I got it for $12.99 and put it on my VISA at 14.9%"

  A.S.S has no political agenda, no hidden alternative motives ( HAM)
or global organized overthrow plan (GOOP). There are no meetings, 
dues or obligations. All we ask is please lend your organizations good 
name to our cause.

Student Help In Technology
Baltimore Youth Oversight Bureau Commonwealth of Young Attorneys Society of Hungarian Ingot Traders Federation of Unified Cardigan Knitters Brotherhood of Independent Truck and Car Haulers If you would like to join up even if you are "Not Overwhelmed With Acronyms Yet "(NOWAY) . Send us your organizations name and we will add it to the list. Please copy and share this document.

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